Eye Hospitals in West Bengal

Eye Hospitals in West Bengal

West Bengal is the fourth most populous state located on the eastern part of India, touching the Bay of Bengal. As of 2011, there were ninety one million inhabitants residing in this state. West Bengal has an area of 88,752 square km. The main ethnic group in this state includes Bengalis. West Bengal boasts of a rich historical and cultural standing. Famous figures like the Nobel Prize winner, Rabindranath Tagore have called this state their home. The capital city of West Bengal is Kolkata and it is also famously known as the cultural capital of India.

Healthcare system in this state is divided into three parts namely primary healthcare network, secondary care system and tertiary hospitals. Presently, there are a total of 13,925 hospitals in West Bengal. Some of these include:

  1. Primary Health Centres (909)
  2. Block Primary Health Centres (79)
  3. Sub Centres (10,356)
  4. State General Hospitals (33)
  5. District Hospitals (15)
  6. Sub-divisional Hospitals (45)
  7. Medical College Hospitals (13)
  8. Rural Hospitals (269)
  9. Other Hospitals (33)
  10. Hospitals under other departments of state government (72)
  11. Hospitals under local body (31)
  12. Hospitals under Government of India (58)
  13. Private/NGO Hospitals (2,013)

Some famous eye care centres in West Bengal are as under:

  1. Sunetra Family Eye Care Centre, Kolkata
  2. Vasan Eye Care Centre, Kolkata
  3. Currae Eye Care Hospital, Kolkata
  4. Samanta Eye Care Centre, Medinipur
  5. Insight Eye Care Centre, Kolkata