Eye Hospitals in Tamil Nadu

Eye Hospitals in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the southern-most state of India and is bordered by Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Puducherry. Its capital is Chennai and its official languages are Tamil and English. It has an area of 130,060 square km and a population of 72,147,030 as per 2011 census. It is the sixth most populous and eleventh largest state in India in terms of area.

In Tamil Nadu, healthcare system consists of Public and Private sector Partnership (PPP) for offering preventive and curative healthcare services. The state government is responsible for providing primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare services at affordable rates to its people. It can be seen in different indicators like infant mortality rate, death rate, birth rate, total fertility rate, maternal mortality rate and life expectancy at birth. The state has shown tremendous improvement in all the healthcare related fields over the past years.

The Tamil Nadu state government is making concerted efforts towards improving women and child health and working towards bringing immunisation for preventable diseases. Other areas of concern for the state are family welfare, mental health and controlling of drug-addiction.

Eye care is available at various eye care centres and hospitals across Tamil Nadu. These centres provide eye care consultation, testing, treatment and surgery options. Some of these hospitals are listed below:

  1. Rajan Eye Care Hospital, Chennai
  2. Vasan Eye Care, Chennai
  3. Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute, Coimbatore
  4. RK Eye Centre, Chennai
  5. Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai