Eye Hospitals in Punjab

Eye Hospitals in Punjab

Punjab, the land of five rivers is a lively and colourful state in India. With 1.53 percent of the total geographical area of India, it is the sixteenth largest Indian state by population and the twentieth largest state by area. The rich folklore, dances, music, literature, cuisines and festivals of Punjab – all form a source of inspiration and pride for the people of India.

In the present scenario, healthcare in Punjab is primarily looked after by a government corporation known as the Punjab Health Systems Corporation. This body strives to administer, establish, improve and expand medical care in Punjab. There are around 176 health institutes under this body which include community health centres, district hospitals, sub-divisional healthcare institutes, etc.

Some of the main benefits promised to the general public by the Punjab Health Systems Corporation include:

  1. Free of cost medical consultation for everyone.
  2. Complete availability of medical chemicals and equipment required for diagnostic procedures.
  3. Free of cost check-ups, medicines and treatment for people falling under the categories of freedom fighters, people caught in emergencies and natural calamities, Punjab government employees, pensioners, Judges, Members of Legislative Assembly, etc.

However, like most Indian states, the healthcare sector in Punjab also consists of public and private healthcare institutes. Although the public healthcare sector promises numerous benefits and lesser expenses for medical treatments, many people in Punjab still prefer to opt for private healthcare options because they find the private medical services more efficient and time-saving.

Over the past many years, Punjab has witnessed a rise in deadly diseases like cancer, hepatitis C, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders and arthritis. Cancer is so prevalent here that a district known as the Muktsar district has come to be named as the “cancer capital” of Punjab with at least one cancer patient in every village.

Among the many reasons which could be attributed to the rise of such diseases, most common ones include contamination of food, water and soil; unhealthy lifestyle patterns and drug addiction among the youth which is a well-known problem in Punjab.

Eye care forms a major part of the healthcare system of any place. In Punjab, many hospitals provide efficient eye care services and facilities. With some institutes making use of the latest technology and methods to ensure patient satisfaction, the field of ophthalmology is slowly moving towards greater success in Punjab. Some of the renowned eye care hospitals in Punjab include the Third Eye Hospital in Jalandhar, Dr Daljit Singh Eye Hospital in Amritsar, Sankara Eye Hospital in Ludhiana, Dr KD’s Eye Hospital in Pathankot and Grewal Eye Institute in Chandigarh.