Eye Hospitals in Haryana

Eye Hospitals in Haryana

Haryana is one of the wealthiest states of India with the third highest per capita income in the country, as of 2012-13. It is located in the north of India and has an area of about 44,212 square km. The city of Chandigarh is the capital of this state. Originally Haryana was a part of Eastern Punjab but was turned into a separate state in 1966. Since the 1970s, Haryana has witnessed a constant growth of its manufacturing and agriculture industries and today, it is one of the most economically developed states of the country.

The Haryana Government aims to improve the quality of life of its people by developing good healthcare facilities.

In an attempt to improve the condition of healthcare in the state, Haryana government had announced in 2010 that it was essential for private hospitals and private educational institutes to give affordable healthcare facilities to poor people if these institutes wanted to receive land and recognition from the government. However, a lot of work remains to be undertaken in order to truly improve the healthcare facilities in Haryana.

The eye care facilities available in Haryana include treatment of eye problems like Acanthamoeba, Keratitis and Cataract. Consultation and treatment for other eye allergies and surgeries like Lasik are also available. Some of the popular ophthalmic hospitals in Haryana include:

  1. Ashwani Hospital
  2. Dhir Hospital
  3. Leelawati Hospital
  4. Doctor Pasricha Memorial Eye and Dental Hospital
  5. Aastha Eye Centre
  6. Ahooja Eye and Dental Institute
  7. Medanta The Medicity
  8. Drishti Eye Hospital, etc.