Eye Hospitals in Gujarat

Eye Hospitals in Gujarat

Gujarat state is located in the western part of India. Its area is 196,024 square km with a coastline of around 1600 km along the Arabian Sea. It is home to mainly Gujarati speaking people. Gandhinagar is the state capital and Ahmedabad is the largest city of the state.

The Gujarat Government is making concerted efforts to provide best healthcare facilities to its people. Numerous healthcare schemes have been launched and their timely execution is well supervised by the concerned health authorities. Some of the schemes are:

  1. Mukhyamantri Amrutam Yojana (including the Khilkhilat Yojana for mother and child)
  2. 108 Ambulance Services
  3. Chiranjeevi Yojana
  4. E-Mamta

Other health schemes include:

  1. Reproductive and Child Health Program
  2. Tuberculosis Control Program
  3. Malaria Control Program
  4. Blindness Control Program
  5. Polio Eradication Program
  6. Immunisation
  7. National AIDS Control Program
  8. Family Planning Program
  9. Thalassemia Detection Program
  10. District Mental Health Program
  11. District Disability Rehabilitation Centre
  12. School Health Program

There are many efficient eye care centres in this state. In fact, Gujarat is considered to be one of the best places for eye treatment. Some of the famous eye care centres are Centre for Sight, Ahmedabad; Raghudeep Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad; Amdavad Eye Laser Hospital, Ahmedabad; Netram Care Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad; Modi Eye Care Centre, Ahmedabad; Cornea Foundation Eye Care, Ahmedabad and Eye Q Hospital, Surat.