Eye Hospitals in Delhi

Eye Hospitals in Delhi

Healthcare can be defined as the systematic allocation of medical facilities to the people of an area. It forms the centre-point of concern for every well designed and managed city. Clearly, if a society pays good attention to its healthcare facilities, the people living there would be healthy and productive individuals. They will be able to look beyond basic concerns of health and contribute to the society by achieving feats in areas of their expertise. This would directly lead to a wholesome, positive growth and great economic advancements in the society.

However, implementing the desired changes or reforms is not always easy. One of the most initial parts of the process should involve a thorough understanding of the existing healthcare scenario of an area using accurate and updated statistics and figures. After this, important areas of concern must be listed and priorities must be set. This should be followed by the utilization of existing infrastructure to implement the required reforms on an urgent basis. And simultaneously, the process for building the required infrastructure must also be started.

Delhi, the capital city of India offers a wide range of healthcare services and a large pool of well-qualified medical practitioners. The high level of medical expertise in Delhi comes at a relatively low price in comparison to the cities of other countries. This makes Delhi a hot spot for many foreigners who seek successful medical treatment at affordable prices. Like most places, the healthcare facilities in this city consist of private and government run institutes. While government hospitals have the advantage of being easily accessible and affordable for the common man, many people in the city prefer to opt for private medical services due to lesser crowd and more technologically advanced infrastructure available at these institutes.

Over the past decades, Delhi has displayed a positive development in important healthcare statistics. For example, the life expectancy of people here has seen a persistent rise. As a matter of fact, over the past many years, life expectancy levels among both the genders in Delhi have surpassed the country’s national average.

An important part of Delhi’s healthcare sector includes the eye care sector. With some of the country’s best ophthalmic hospitals based in the city, Delhi offers an array of eye care options including eye banks, squint eye treatment, corneal corrections like LASIK treatment and ocular pathology among others. These eye care facilities are available at various hospitals like Eye7, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Navjyoti Eye Centre, Guru Gobind Singh International Eye Centre and Eye Bank, Center for Sight hospital, Vasan Eye Care, Max Healthcare, Shroff Eye Hospital and Guru Nanak Eye Center.