Eye Hospitals in Daman and Diu

Eye Hospitals in Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu is a union territory located in the western part of India with an area of 102 square km. It is divided into two parts namely Daman and Diu by the Gulf of Khambhat. It was a Portuguese colony and was made a part of India in 1961 through military action. Its capital is Daman and the population as per 2011 census is 242,911. The Konkani, Gujarati, English and Hindi languages are spoken and also used for official purposes here.

The healthcare services in Daman and Diu are being looked after by the Directorate of Medical and Health Services, Daman under U.T. Administration of Daman and Diu. Most of the healthcare facilities are being provided to general public free of cost here. There are several primary health centres and community health centres to provide health services in Daman and Diu. These centres are equipped with advanced medical gadgets and are offering emergency operation services to the patients who require urgent medical assistance.

Other medical services provided by the Directorate of Medical and Health Services are:

  1. OPD (Outdoor Patient Department)
  2. IPD (Indoor Patient Department)
  3. Maternal and Child Health Program
  4. Emergency Services including Emergency Delivery Services (24x7)
  5. Immunization
  6. Family Planning Program
  7. Neo-natal Care
  8. Adolescent Health
  9. Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre
  10. National Tobacco Control Program

The Directorate of Medical and Health Services at Daman and Diu also provides efficient eye care treatment facilities under the following schemes:

  1. Eye Check-up and Cataract Operation
  2. School Eye Screening