Eye Hospitals in Bihar

Eye Hospitals in Bihar

Bihar is a state located in the north eastern part of India. It comprises of three distinct regions namely Magadh, Mithila and Bhojpur. These regions have strong historical and cultural significance and together, they add up to the diversity of this state.

Healthcare is of primary concern for the government of Bihar which can be seen in their official statement that says “The First Wealth is Health”.

The government is aiming to build modern-day medical facilities with state-of-the art infrastructure. The attempt is to make these facilities available to each and every part of Bihar, including the remotest of areas. Over the past years, Bihar has seen an improvement in life expectancy at birth for both genders and there has been a decline in the infant mortality rate. There is a constant effort at controlling diseases such as pneumonia, malaria, tuberculosis, etc. However, a lot of work still remains to be done.

Eye care is an important branch of healthcare. In Bihar, this segment needs a lot of attention and work. To raise awareness about the importance of eye care facilities for children in Bihar, a group of doctors had taken part in a tough bike race in 2017. The aim was to spend every penny earned in the competition on developing facilities to prevent blindness among the children of Bihar.

Some of the popular eye care hospitals in Bihar include:

  1. Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital
  2. Harihar Eye Centre
  3. Raj Retina and Eyecare Centre
  4. Divyadrishti Eye Centre
  5. Goyal Eye Care Centre